Hollow sun games is a dedicated team of independent game developers working with a classic style and fresh ideas. We are devoted to keeping the classic style of gaming alive and keeping our eyes set on the goal of a new interesting 3D title for the near future.

   With our games, we hope to build and entertain a community. We listen and take ideas from the people we make our games for so we are all a team, from the artists that draw the characters and the programmers that bring life to the game to the people that play the games.

   If you find a bug in any of games, report it and we'll look into it straight away.

    If you have an idea for any of our games, suggest it and we'll discuss the possibility of adding it to the game.

    Have an idea for a whole new game? Tell us and we'll talk to you about it.

   Want to help build games with us? Join Hollow sun games.


   We are and have always been a small team of dedicated game developers with little experience. We found that even a little experience from each member of the team could amount to enough experience to make the games we wanted to make.

    The team seems to have suffered losses until only very few of us remain... but our dedication keeps us going.


Have an opinion on one of our games or perhaps Hollow Sun itself? Submit your valued opinions to hollowsunstudio@gmail.com



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